PrisNOK11 390,00 inkl. mva.


DIGIT BABY EXTENSION now available !

Ideal complement of DIGIT BABY to double the power and for stereo configurations.
Extremely brilliant in standalone setup as well, at one or two columns,
connected to an external mixer or to a player 

High-end quality sound, transportability, compactness, easy-handling and construction in first class materials are main featues of this system specifically designed for  small-medium situations, such as piano bar, solo instrumentalists, jazz bands;
it’s also particularly suitable for amplification of  percussion and wind instruments

Exactly with same specifications as DIGIT BABY, without the incorporated mixer, 
BABY DIGIT EXTENSION system consists of a 200W RMS active subwoofer and 100W RMS satellite.
The 8” subwoofer amplifies the passive satellite and delivers the very warm and rich bass  response typical of SR TECHNOLOGY. The satellite is equipped with two 4" speakers and  a compression tweeter with an amazingly clean and crystal sound The built-in amplifiers  are  digital and Class D, with switching power supplier designed by SR TECHNOLOGY.

Technical specifications:   Subwoofer Act:  		Satellite:	
Frequency response:	       40-150 Hz	    		150HZ-18kHz
Sensitivity (1W - 1m):	       96 db           		95 db
SPL max:	                      117 dB	    		114 dB
Crossover:                  Electronic - 24dB/octave	Passive
Low:			               8"				2x4"
High:			    			                        Compression tweeter
Max Power Out:		    200W RMS			100W RMS
Connections:		    1xSpeakon Out		
Controls:		             mixer
Box:			             Bass Reflex			2way
Cabinet:		             Plywood			Plywood
Weight:			     kg 10			        kg 4
Dimensions (LxPxA): 	    28,5 x 34,5 x 41,5		13,5 x 37 x 16